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Control Systems
Operators and maintenance personnel can monitor and troubleshoot the entire system from the convenient screen. A live action machine profile, timer and counter access, operation mode changing, core sequencing and input and output monitoring are accessed from this interface.
Our latest innovation is the addition of a color touch screen operator interface which incorporates photographs of machine systems whenever an error message appears. This unique feature exclusive to our machines are a major improvement in trouble shooting technology. With the addition of the optional servo controller with proportional valve, we have included controls on the interface for setting of the system and an optional shot monitoring system including trend graphs.
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Clamping Systems
We start out with our unique 6-tie bar design which enables us to provide additional support through the entire three platen assembly. Our platens are cast steel and heat-treated. We do all of our own machining on CNC equipment in our own facility to insure strict control of tolerances. All of our linkage components are FDC55 and heat treated after CNC machining. Tie bars, guide bars and toggle pins are also alloy steel and heat-treated. Our tie bars are N2 heat-treated for durability.

Our toggle linkage uses FCD55 material. In an effort to constantly improve our product line we have upgraded all our linkage systems to provide automatic central lubrication as standard. This system provides efficient delivery of the proper amount of lubrication as required and has a pump with adjustment for frequency and duration of the lubricant delivery.

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