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In an effort to constantly improve our machines, we have recently introduced optional enhancements to our injection system including servo controller with proportional valve for applications where high casting integrity is desired. This system functions with the highest quality hydraulic components recognized all over the world as superior in both performance and design. Our unique designs can be retrofitted to existing machines in the field to provide the latest technology.

Coupled with the well established reputation of Producer for intelligently thought out and engineered solutions to die casting problems, we also supply a line of trim presses and vibratory finishing machines.


Reciprocating Spray System

Machines can be fitted with furnaces fueled by gas, oil or electric depending on the customer’s needs. Controls can be provided in any language the customer needs to insure complete understanding of the operation and maintenance of the machine by local technicians.

Our equipment meets or exceeds the safety and operation standards of all countries our equipment is sold in, and we constantly monitor new developments to insure compliance with upgrades as they are introduced.



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Trim Press

We are proud to introduce a new addition to our growing line of die casting equipment products. We have recently developed a line of hydraulic, four post trimming presses in four popular sizes. These presses are very rugged and are designed to accommodate a large variety of trim dies. Features include PLC controls with touch screen operator interface utilizing linear stroke adjustment and diagnostics. They also come equipped with a light curtain, safety ratchet, dual hydraulic pull backs and non contact push buttons as well as interlocked side and rear guarding. An economical control package utilizing power relays complete with sensor interlocked uarding is also available.

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